Recommended podcast clip about FP

I just wanted to share this ElixirTalk Podcast clip (starting at 23 minutes) from the about thinking in the functional mindset.

The episode is available on Soundcloud.

Some of the ideas:

  • Being explicit. For clarity and all the other reasons.
  • Functional code is simple. No need to question what's "really" going on behind the code.
  • Interesting opinion explained: Even if Desmond isn't leveraging the power of processes and concurrency, he'll still choose Elixir for most programming tasks.
  • JS and Scala both allow functionally type code, but because they allow references, the "hodge-podge" of 2 paradigms leads to trouble.
  • Refactoring is sooo easy with a bunch of stateless functions.
  • The functional approach is comfortable for modeling the real world. Also, things do happen at the same time in the real world, so modeling your program in a system and paradigm that naturally allows you to operate accordingly seems preferable.

Actually, of the handful of elixir podcasts I'm following in general, this one is great. I'm catching up since I only found it recently, and the content seems top notch.

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