Meeting Notes, Feb 4

This meeting will be at 4 PM in Park Place (11 Monroe) and on Zoom, as always.

Work on Lucidboard continues! Please reach out if you'd like to be involved in any way. We're looking for all types of help in bringing this Kanban tool to a usable state!

Lonestar ElixirConf!

This one looks like a great conference and I will be attending. Talk to your leader & let me know if you think you might like to come as well!

Elixir 1.8.0 (And 1.8.1!) Released

This release brings a number of small features and performance enhancements. One that I'm happy to see is improved support for dealing with time zones.


Nifty Trick for with Statements

I've used this trick once or twice and thought it was pretty clever. Tyler Pachal went ahead and wrote a nice article describing it!

Other Cool Articles

  • Podium reflects on 2 years of being all-in on Elixir. Spoiler alert: they love it & have no regrets.
  • Thomas Barrasso reflects on his first month of using Elixir.
  • Monterail has posted a short article about how their team got up and going with Elixir, borrowing training methods from Plataformatec (Elixir creators) themselves.
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