DJ Thread?

Somebody asked me to talk about how I got into DJing and what tools I’m using, so I thought would share.

For some demented reason, I’ve been a drum ‘n bass lover for a very long time. It just seems to me like a very exciting musical style, and with all the sub-genre’s of it out there, it keeps me interested. I mean really… you’ve got the liquid, jazzy kind, the evil, hard, pwning-your-soul kind, and everything in between. I think my favorite musics usually have at least some dnb influences.

It was about 5 or 6 years ago now when I began experimenting with Mixxx, an open source DJ software. I loved the simplicity of the software — no frilly features, just a straight-forward, easy-to-use interface. (I even wrote a tutorial for it back then.) In the early days, though, and for years that followed, Mixxx had some nasty stability issues. It would crash regularly, and it was rare that I would end my sets on deliberately. I managed to get through some studio mixes like Chillax and Chillax II by luck. (I call them studio mixes because I actually planned out the setlists. Check them out if you want to try some liquid dnb!) Mixxx seemed to work just fine for my taste, and while I’ve dabbled in the likes of Traktor and Serato, I’ve always enjoyed using Mixxx — no less in part because it’s free, open source, and runs on my Linux.

I was listening to a bit around 6 years ago or so and eventually came across From the very beginning, I just liked the music that was played overall on dnbradio vs bassdrive and eventually joined the IRC channel and began hanging out with the dnbradio folks. I did a few guest sets and decided to take my own time slot. So, I’ve been showing up almost every week on Tuesday, 7PM eastern for my beats every week since then! Spinning drum ‘n bass is a joy in itself for me, but sharing it with others is even cooler.

Originally, I was using Mixxx with a keyboard and mouse. Even with the keyboard shortcuts, this was simply not how one gets the most out of mixing software. The mouse is only so quick & precise, and you can only control one thing at a time with it. So it didn’t take long for me to pick up a Hercules MK2 mixing console. Just like the Hercules RMX I recently upgraded to, these are a combination of a MIDI controller to essentially remote control the knobs & sliders in Mixxx and an actual sound card with enough channels to have a headphone out for queuing etc. Support for these controllers in the linux driver and Mixxx both has improved over time.

I guess drum ‘n bass is just a passion for me. I know I’m not a great DJ or even a very good one, but I really do enjoy doing it.

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New Podcast: The Unraveling

I’ve just set up a new section of my site for releasing my weekly drum ‘n bass show. The Unraveling is aired live on each week, but since my play slot was recently restricted to one hour, the version found on my podcast should often be longer than what was broadcast on dnbradio. The MP3’s downloaded here are V2 MP3’s (190kbps average) vs the 128kbps MP3’s found on dnbradio.

I hope some folks enjoy getting their fix this way!


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DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2007-09-04]

Spun a nice set yesterday. Get it right here from Sendspace in ogg vorbis or right here from The DNBRadio one is a while longer as I didn’t want to go too long on my recording. The ogg will sound better, though… and the first hour and a half was the good part, anyway. Lots of new tunage. You even get a track list!

  1. Matt U & ICR – Totem
  2. Chase and Status – Hurt You
  3. Sprint – Sapphire
  4. Alex Perez – Vanguard
  5. Breakage – Clarendon
  6. Twisted Individual – Galloping Elephant
  7. C.A.B.L.E. – Awakening
  8. Survival – Sidewinder
  9. Bungle & Ney Faustini – No Routine
  10. Gridlok feat MC Dino – Watching Us
  11. State of Mind – Flashpoint
  12. Survival – Resolution
  13. Heist – Don’t Hold Back
  14. Tomi Kain – Your Sister
  15. Calyx and Teebee feat MC Verse – Dualprocessed
  16. Heist – Sucka Beats
  17. Noctournal – Cross the Line
  18. Spor – Molehill
  19. Dementia – Phenotype (feat. Confuzed)
  20. Arsenic & Genr8 – Aneurysm
  21. Unknown Error – The Yearning
  22. Sizzla – Solid as a Rock (Remix)
  23. Redeyes – Leaving this Planet
  24. Noisia – Omissions
  25. kr4y – Neuro Linguistics
  26. Tomi Kain – Unamed Ninja
  27. Nu Tone – Beatnik
  28. Danny Byrd vs Tomahawk – Control Freak
  29. Noisia – Street Dreams
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DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2007-08-07]

I dropped a pretty wicked ~2 hours of dnb last night. Find it here at the dnbradio podcast section.

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I’m Still Here

… I just haven’t had much to say, I guess. The weekly DNB show is still going on—usually running long. If you’re into that, do check for those MP3 archives if you can’t listen live on the Podcast page. This last week’s set rocked out with a length of 3hr 13m, while the prior week’s show clocked in at nearly an insane 4.5hrs! I was all cookin myself up some pizza during it so I could keep spinning till my eyes got blurry :) That could be my longest ever.

In other news, I seem to be sinking deeper into this “hobby” they call headphones. I’m really, really enjoying the sound of a good pair of headphones on my head with an amp and external dac. I have some pretty nice stuff at this point, but I’m not quite sure I’m done just yet. Damn this hobby, I tell you! (My profile always has my equipment status.)

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DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2007-05-08]

We’re still having internet issues at the apartment, so once again I’ve prerecorded the set. Here’s the 128kbps mp3 to be aired as usual later on. Good, fresh tunes to be heard:

  1. Commix – Whatever You Want
  2. Bungle – Down to Earth
  3. Noisia – Street Dreams
  4. SPL & Noah D – Revolution
  5. Kenei – Jack the Ripper
  6. Amy Bullman – Hear No Evil (DJ Marky & Bungle Remix)
  7. Electrosoul System – Call My Name
  8. Calibre – Overation
  9. Agent Alvin – Room Full of Bullets
  10. Zero Tolerance – Old Oak
  11. Aspect – Ruthless
  12. Wikaman – Salsarica
  13. Heist – Don’t Hold Back
  14. Kryptic Minds and Leon Switch – The Forgotten
  15. Spectrasoul – III Note Soul
  16. Stalefish – The Curse
  17. Innovatah – Look Yout Man (Dope Ammo VIP Remix)
  18. Bungle – Resized (Feat Laura Pacheco)
  19. Concord Dawn – Ninja
  20. Danny Byrd vs Tomahawk – Control Freak
  21. Nu Tone – Beatnik
  22. Commix – Talk to Frank
  23. Dope Ammo – Kill Bill (Taxman Remix)
  24. ASC & Mav – Too Deep for Ya
  25. CLS – Their Names Were Trot & Melon
  26. Mindscape – Freezing Point
  27. SKC – Do That Thing
  28. Bulletproof & The Upbeats – Rapture
  29. Spor – Judderman
  30. Pish Posh – Corrupt Cops Remix
  31. Shy FX & T-Power – Everyday (Chase & Status Remix)
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DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2007-04-03]

This one was big and long. Two parts, in fact. Hope you all enjoy it. Again, it will only be available on Sendspace for a limited time.

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Drum ‘n Bass Update

Does anybody have a recommendations for a good torrent site to host my sets (where I could have a stand-alone page for them) or some other software that might help me out?

In the meantime, check out a renegade I did on Monday and my Tuesday set hosted at

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DJ Thread Torrents Return!

I’ve finally brought back the Torrents section! (Sorry that link was dead for so long…) So far, I’ve submitted this weeks set—the one I posted to Sendspace in the post prior.

This time, we’re using Democracy’s Broadcast Machine to make it work. You should be able to subscribe to my “podcast” via Democracy Player or any RSS reader.

Update: Ok, maybe it’s not quite going to work after all. My internet connection from here is shoddy as hell. I think I’ll need to get someone else to seed these for me…

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DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2007-02-06]

I know my torrent page has been broken for ages. I need to figure out something to do about that, cuz I sure am still doing my weekly dnbradio set. This week’s set was quite decent, so I need to share it. This 1 hr 18 mins, 65 Mb Ogg Vorbis file is sure to please if you’re lookin for some quality beatz. Hopefully Sendspace will keep it at least until I get my torrents situated again…

DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2007-02-06]

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