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Ok, so I am resurrecting my blog after a major crash with my previous web host. Luckily, I had a decent enough backup to bring the site back, but I lost a lot of my podcast posts. I don’t even remember what episode I was on, so I guess I just picked a number :P

New Podcast: The Unraveling

I’ve just set up a new section of my site for releasing my weekly drum ‘n bass show. The Unraveling is aired live on dnbradio.com each week, but since my play slot was recently restricted to one hour, the version found on my podcast should often be longer than what was broadcast on dnbradio. The MP3’s downloaded here are V2 MP3’s (190kbps average) vs the 128kbps MP3’s found on dnbradio.

I hope some folks enjoy getting their fix this way!


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DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2006-10-17]

I know I haven’t been posting about my set every week, but this week’s was worthy of noting. If you like your drum and bass like I like my drum and bass, prepare for about an hour and forty-eight minutes of wicked ish. Lots of new tunage in this one, especially in the first hour. Hear me every Tuesday at 7:00PM EST, or grab the mix from the DNBRadio.com Archives.

DNBRadio: DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2006-10-17]

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006 Drum 'n Bass, Thread 5 Comments

DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2006-09-12]

I played for like three hours or so today. Lots of new tunes mixed with others that might be more familiar… People were seriously digging this set. So if you like dnb that just doesn’t stop, check it out in the archives. There was an interruption, so it’s in a couple pieces, but here they are:

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
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DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2006-08-29]

I did a long set last night… Check it out here:

DNBRadio: DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2006-08-29]

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006 Drum 'n Bass, Thread 1 Comment

DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2006-08-22]

New set from yours truly. This time with a set list that should be good.

DNBRadio: DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2006-08-22]

  1. Kiko – Callisto
  2. Baron – Squelch (Sub Focus Remix)
  3. Noisia – Bad Dreams
  4. Noisia & Mayhem ft MC Verse – Choke
  5. Logistics – Red Sky At Night
  6. Matt U & Jade – Treachery
  7. Black Sun Empire & Noisia – Hideous
  8. Pendulum & Bulletproof – Minds Eye
  9. Noisia – Brainstitch
  10. Danny Byrd – The Winchester Club
  11. The Brigade – Rawdy
  12. Logistics – The Trip
  13. Syncopix – the 8-Bit Blues
  14. Friction – Play the Game
  15. Commix – Scarlet
  16. Greg Packer – Bring the Funk
  17. Logistics – West Country
  18. Logistics – Uprock
  19. Spor – Lose It
  20. Mampi Swift – Smokescreen
  21. Taxman – Too Bad
  22. Sub Focus – Scarecrow
  23. Noxious & Deadman – Candyman
  24. Terran – Missile
  25. Blue Skin – Singapore Sing
  26. Commix – Undisco
  27. Sardie ft Kristie – What a Night
  28. Evol Intent – Horns & halos (Ewun Remix)
Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006 Drum 'n Bass, Thread 3 Comments

DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2006-08-15]

I did a pretty badass set last night… I would make a torrent to post, but I’m lazy… and you can get it on the dnbradio archives anyway.

DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2006-08-15]

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006 Drum 'n Bass, Thread 2 Comments

Hospital Podcast

Holy crap. A friend of mine just linked me to the Hospital Podcast. It’s an iTunes podcast that comes down as a 96 kbit AACWOW! This podcast is amazing. Every single tune I’ve heard has been between really good and f&#n excellent. The podcast is presented by Hospital’s own London Elektricity. I highly recommend this one!

Monday, August 14th, 2006 Drum 'n Bass 3 Comments

The Unraveling [2006-08-08]

I just spun a pretty decent set tonight… catch it in the dnbradio archive.

DJ Thread – The Unraveling [2006-08-08]


  1. The Cambridge Four – When Pilots Eject
  2. Heist – In the Stix
  3. Greg Packer – Inside Tonight
  4. St Cal – Light Night Squeeze
  5. Syncopix – The Seed
  6. Q Project – Silicon Mistress
  7. Noisia, Maldini, & Vegas – Meditation
  8. Unicorn – Orion’s Five
  9. Noisia – Exorcism
  10. Pendulum – Girl In the Fire
  11. Subfocus – Scarecrow
  12. Noisia & Deadman – Candyman
  13. Noisia – Concussion
  14. Noisia & Mayhem ft MC Verse – Choke
  15. Sub Focus – Flamenco
  16. Matt U & Jade – Salem
  17. Logistics – West Country
  18. Noisia – Ommissions
  19. Logistics – Inside My Soul
  20. London Electricity – Different Drum (Dillinja Remix)
  21. Logistics – Uprock
  22. Pendulum – Sounds of Life
  23. Mr. L (ft. Super Fly Seven) – Back To Your Roots
  24. Adam F – Original Jungle Sound (TC Remix)
  25. Chase & Status ft Jenna G – In Love
  26. Lil Kim – Lighters Up (TC Pull Up Remix)
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The DNB Continues

I haven’t missed a week yet! Check out my latest mix in the DNBRadio Archive and another good recent one has been added to the torrents page for a few days now.

Update: Oh, and I also meant to mention that I’m now using Textmate to blog with. (Check out the screencast!) It is damn sexy, and I’m not kidding.

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