My JHAudio JH-3A: Attempt #2

It’s been a while since I sent my JH-3A back to JHA for the second time. I wasn’t looking forward to writing this unfortunate update, but figured I should in order to keep current.

Given the loudness of the hiss the first time, the continued issues of other folks on the forum, and the speed with which JHA turned around on my amp had me somewhat pessimistic about what was headed back to me when I got the second shipment notification indicating the amp was on the way for round 2. I wasn’t sure if a firmware change could truly solve the noise floor problem. After fully charging it, flipping it on, and inserting the earphones, I heard almost the exact same somewhat headache-inducing buzz as the first time. I think it was a little reduced, but it was still loud enough to hear with even loud music if the specific frequencies were not adequately masked. The gain setting was still much too high.


There is light at the end of the tunnel, though. A couple folks on the forum report NO hiss at all! Had it not been for this testimonial, I might not have thought it possible with the hardware design.

On another note, when JHA reduced the gain enough that the noise cannot be heard, they found that a PCB (circuit board) change was needed in order to gain-match the analog level to the digital one. Someone pointed out that they’re not technically matching gain, but tweaking the analog one so they’re both “usable”. So, here’s hoping we’ll see a finished JH-3A in fewer weeks rather than more.

Edit: I just wanted to add to this pretty negative post that I still have every reason to believe that this product will ultimately be extremely satisfying. I can’t wait to enjoy the full effect of the 3A and share my experiences.

Saturday, July 30th, 2011 Audio, Reviews, Technology

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  1. What rubbish.

  2. Warp08 on July 30th, 2011
  3. Yes, it is a situation well-lined with rubbish. Thanks for dropping in, Warp.

  4. thread on July 30th, 2011
  5. I think my post may have come out overly negative yesterday… Sorry Warp & readers. I have made some changes since publishing, though.

    The fact is that I’ve been really, really excited about this product since June ’10. The sound from the CanJam demo was mesmerizing and I’ve been on the edge of my seat since last fall when it was originally due to launch. Yes it is somewhat disappointing to see the final product fail to pass basic muster at the customer level twice, but I’m still in for the long haul here. I’d like to see this product succeed, JHA to grow and become wiser, and many delighted customers to result. They make fantastic products. And really, I haven’t seen anything so terrible. They fully intend to make good on their promises, given the time.

  6. thread on July 31st, 2011

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